WELLcome At Metrosport

Två par av studeranden gör rörelsen skottkärra på idrottsbana. I bakgrunden diskuterar andra studeranden.
One of our fun activities was wheelbarrow, which these students pulled off great!

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We at the Wellcome -project had the opportunity to participate in Metropolias student union METKA:s MetroSport event at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on September 20th. 

MetroSport is Finlands biggest sports and well-being event for students, through which METKA wants to promote students physical activity and wellbeing, and also offer an alternative of a sober student event. In the event participated representatives from sportsorganisations, unions and projects, such as the Wellcome -project. 

In the event participated ca 3000 students and ca 100 representatives. When students came to Wellcomes stand, they could choose if they wanted to do an activity or have a discussion with us about the social accessibility of sports. Approximately half chose to do an activity and half chose to discuss with us.

Metropolia has many study opportunities available, and we got to meet students from for instance occupational therapy, business, nursing, engineering and prosthetics and orthotics. We also met exchange students from for example Germany, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands and it was intriguing to hear about how accessible sports is in their home country.  

The students showed interest in our project and we had long and giving discussions with them. We discussed topics such as equal opportunities to do sports, should there be more movement in school days and should having a hobby be free of cost. At our stand you could also do fun activities together with a pair or in a group. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this fun and giving event!

We got to meet a lot of students, even though the weather was not the best.
Some lucky students had the chance to win an amazing WELLcome water bottle!