Let’s be better: Welcoming all in sport 3.12.2024

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming international seminar, hosted by the WELLcome-project. The seminar is dedicated to topics such as equality, integration, inclusion and diversity in sports. The seminar is in the same time a continuation from the previous Let’s be better seminar in 2023. Watch the recording from the 2023 seminar here.

🗓️ Date: 3.12.2024
🕒 Time: 10.00-15.00 EET. The registration starts at 9.15.
🌍 Location: Cultural Centre Hanaholmen in Espoo, Finland and live streaming
💶 Costs: Participation is free of charge and the participants are offered free lunch and coffee
🏢 Accessibility: Hanasaari’s facilities are well suited for guests with different kinds of disabilities. More information below under the title ”accessibility”.
Language: The program is in English.
Registration deadline: 25.11.2024

The seminar is held December 3 from 10 a.m. (breakfast 9.15 a.m. for those participating on location) to 3 p.m. in the Cultural Centre Hanaholmen in Espoo and live streaming. The program is in English. Participation is free of charge and the participants are offered free lunch and coffee.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Engaging keynote presentations by experts in the field (to be announced).
  • Practical insights and strategies in promoting integration through sports.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and organisations passionate about using sports for positive change.
  • Inspiring discussions on sustainability, inclusivity, and equity in sports.

Save the date and stay tuned for more details!

We kindly welcome you to join!


Deadline for the registration is 25.11.2024.

To the registration

About the wellcome project

In the WELLcome project, innovative sports models are developed to integrate refugees into society through sports. Finlands Svenska Idrott (FSI) and Humak University of Applied Sciences collaborate with sport clubs and reception centres in Finland to create sports opportunities for children and youth with immigrant and refugee backgrounds.

Read more about the project hear https://idrott.fi/wellcome-in-english/


Hanasaari’s facilities are well suited for guests with different kind of disabilities.

Availability statement in Swedish (link)
Availability statement in Finnish (link)

How to reach the venue?

We recommend reaching the venue using more sustainable options such as carpooling, public transportation, or biking (though we acknowledge that biking in December may be challenging).

Public transportation

Hanaholmen is served by the metro. The walking distance from the nearest metro station ”Koivusaari” to Hanaholmen is approximately 1,1 km.

In addition to the metro, Hanaholmen is served by buses  105, 121, 121A, 164 ja 164K and 192/192T/192V:

  • Buses 121, 121A, 164 and 164K operate along Westway, between Helsinki city centre (Kamppi) and western Espoo, with a few minutes interval during rush hours on weekdays.
  • Bus 192 (V and T busses) operates along Westway between Inkoo and Kamppi (Helsinki city centre), few times in the morning and afternoon on weekdays.
  • Bus 105 works as a feeder bus between Hanaholmen and Lauttasaari metro station operating few times in an hour on weekdays.

The bus stop along the Westway is circa 400 metres from Hanaholmen.

For further details of public transport please check the Journey Planner.

By car

Hanaholmen is right next to the main Länsiväylä road (“the Westway”, route 51), a little to the West of Koivusaari and to the East of Karhusaari and Tapiola in Espoo. Hanaholmen may be reached by car from a local junction on the Westway, lying midway between Lauttasaari and the Ring I / Tapiola intersection.

There are bus stops at the junction (the GPS co-ordinates are N60º10.0 E24º50.6).  There is also a signpost at the junction indicating “Hanaholmen “. Hanaholmen is about 6 km to the West of Helsinki.

From the West: Approach Helsinki on the Westway (route 51) and follow the signpost at the Hanaholmen junction.

From the North (e.g. from the airport): Approach Helsinki and turn off at Ring I westbound. Follow the ring road to the Westway (route 51), and then drive towards Helsinki Centre. The signpost for Hanaholmen is about one kilometer after the Ring I, Westway intersection.

By taxi

Ask for Hanaholmen Cultural Centre, Espoo. The taxi journey from the city centre of Helsinki to Hanaholmen will take approximately 10 minutes; from the airport it takes approximately 40 minutes.

Please note that there is a risk of confusion, since there is a power station in East Helsinki called Hanaholmen, so be sure to ask the driver to take you to Hanaholmen Cultural Centre in Espoo.


The seminar follows the principles of a safer space. Everyone shares responsibility for creating such an environment. The goal of these principles is to create an atmosphere where people can communicate effectively, participate safely, and be themselves without fear. The principles are following:

  • Care and take care. Care about the people around you, how they feel and how your words and actions affect them. As a general rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. If you are pointed out about your behavior, do not trivialize it, but take it into account in the future. We all make mistakes sometimes and learn from them. Persons behaving inappropriately can be removed by the organizer. 
  • Respect others. Respect the diversity of people: their different views, experiences, and backgrounds. Respect other people’s choices, identities, as well as their personal space and boundaries. 
  • Think and anticipate. Don’t assume that everyone is comfortable with the same things as you. In short, don’t force anyone to do anything. 

Feel free to contact the event organizers if you need help or need support in problem situations. More information regarding the appointed safeguarding officer and contact information will be published later.

For more information

Tarja Krum

Sustainability Manager
Finlands Svenska Idrott

+35840 621 2560