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Sports belong to everyone – or does it? With this question, we began recording an inspiring podcast discussion at Suomen Podcastmedia’s studio in Helsinki today (8.11.2023).

Anna-Maija Riutta, Sandra Bergqvist och Grace Kyanza står bredvid varandra och ler.
Anna Maija-Riutta, Sandra Bergqvist and Grace Kyanza.

The guests in the upcoming episode are Sports and Youth Minister Sandra Bergqvist, Humak student and experience expert Grace Kyanza and Janina Sjöstrand, who works as a project manager for the WELLcome project at Humak University of Applied Sciences. The discussion is led by WELLcome project’s expert and Humak lecturer Anna-Maija Riutta.

In the podcast episode, we discuss various aspects of accessibility and sports. Minister Bergqvist shares her opinions on who really is responsible for ensuring that children and young people can participate in sports. We also inquire about whether decision-makers have the will to develop the field of sports and if sports organizations have sufficient competence in addressing diversity. Experience expert Grace Kyanza highlights her own experiences and perspectives on the kind of collaboration needed for every child and youth to be able to engage in sports, experience success, and feel well. Janina Sjöstrand provides examples of the valuable work done in some sports organizations to promote equality and diversity in their activities.

Anna-Maija Riutta och Grace Kyanza i podcast studion.
The podcast episode is part of Humak University of Applied Sciences’ 25th-anniversary podcast series, where we let our experts and representatives of our interest groups have their say.

Get inspired and listen to the podcast episode when we release it next week!